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Whether your business is small or large, we’ll work closely with you from conceptualization to delivery. Lending a helping hand through the creative process and meeting all your needs along the way is our mission

Studio Equipment

No great studio is complete without great equipment!

With a collection of over a dozen unique microphones, dedicated mixing desks, recording systems, and plenty of rack options, Roseland Studios is more than prepared to accommodate any vocalist or musician. Roseland Studios can also create promotional material for you as well. Professional grade canon digital video cameras capture every scene in HD Quality with a lighting truss big enough to make the perfect shot.

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Studio Gallery

Why We Do It

Media content, especially video, is the best way to build brand awareness. They are more popular, engaging, and memorable to consumers; and it’s no longer reserved for the largest company with the biggest budgets. Quality media content is more accessible than ever. At Roseland studios we’ll walk beside you through the entire production process, crafting a personal, and meaningful story that’ll drive value to your brand.

What We Do

Video Production

The perfect visual asset. Compelling high-quality video for web, tv, and beyond. We’ll take care of you.

Drone Services

A whole new world. But really, we’ll fly almost over everything, capturing HD footage, pictures, and even topography mapping.

Webmaster Services

Stunning website design, check. Rock solid security, check. Get noticed with SEO, you bet. When it comes to the web, we got your back.

Music Production

From local bands to full audio mixing and mastering, we have the facility and expertise to make you sound great.

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Vocal Booth

The Vocal Booth is an asymmetrical, soundproof space with video monitor and cameras to see control room. It’s also equipped with a Behringer monitor mixer, so the artist can control his own mix while overdubbing.

Tracking Room

It measures 50ft x 30ft, and features an irregularly-shaped ceiling, along with bass traps that are designed for the most ideal sound. The Tracking Room is large enough for an orchestra, and serves a solo pianist perfectly with a Yamaha G5 Baby Grand.

Control Room

This space is a tuned room for mixing audio on the highest level. It views the Tracking Room through a soundproof window and full video monitoring for optimal operation efficiency for engineers and producers.

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